ENT Doctor


A medical prescription is required to schedule an appointment with an ENT specialist.


  • Medical History

  • Physical Exam

  • Bacterial Culture

  • Radiography

  • Blood Tests
  • Drug Prescription

  • Follow-ups

  • Surgery



  • Patient case history

  • Evaluation of hearing disorders in adults

  • Evaluations before and after a hearing aid setup

  • Recommendation of hearing aids, of assistive listening devices, and communication strategies
  • Evaluation and recommendation for readapatation linked to tinnitus, vertigo and equilibrium

  • Expert services and evaluation of hearing disorders for CSST, SAAQ, Blue Cross or Veteran Affairs

  • Suggestion of re-adaptation and adaptive services depending on patient need

Communication strategy

Advice for the whole family

For deaf or hearing-impaired persons

  • Warn those you talk to that you have hearing loss.

  • Be specific about your needs.

  • Get closer to those you talk to.

  • Repeat to make sure you understand.

  • Ask what the conversation is about.

  • Ask the person speaking to repeat or to reformulate their sentence.

  • Ask specific questions.

  • Ask the speaker to write down the information.

  • When you make a reservation in a restaurant, try to get the quietest table possible.

  • Try to sit with your back against the wall in order to avoid having a noisy environment behind you.

Communication strategy

Advice for the whole family

For persons without any hearing loss:

  • Attract the attention of the person you are talking to by touching them gently.

  • Face them.

  • Speak naturally and slowly, being sure to articulate.

  • There is no need to shout: pay attention to the volume of your voice.

  • Stand closer and sit where your face is well-lit in order to make reading your lips and your facial expressions easier.

  • Specify the topic of the conversation regularly.

  • Reformulate your sentences rather than repeating them word for word.

  • Use short and simple sentences.

  • Avoid obstacles in front of or inside your mouth (food, hands, pencils, gum, newspapers).

  • As much as possible, eliminate any ambient noise (doorways, windows, radios, television).

  • Avoid speaking from another room.

  • Write out difficult words.

  • In a group situation, try not to interrupt one another.

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